My Name is not Karl.

Do not hesitate
to contact me
if you have some
project in mind.


Thats not the real name. Karl is the alter ego of Patrick Reichboth a creative from Berlin. His friends call him Peet. After rearringing his portfolio for applying to new jobs he started from scratch to get back to self love and creative output.

Back to the good old days. Out of this, Karl Busterberk was born. The projects on this site, also the music, are the results of self-therapy by reinventing oneself after a time of shit.


01.2019 – today

Art/Creative Director @ apollo18 | Berlin

09.2018 – 11.2018

Senior Creative @ EPIC. | Berlin

09.2017 – 09.2018

Content Concept Creative @ heimat active | Berlin

08.2015 – 08.2017

Senior Graphic Designer & Online Marketing Manager @ Ve Global | Berlin



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